Credit Repair is key!!!

Credit Repair is not to be overlooked. In fact so many varibles can be affected by bad credit: Such as jobs, loans, and even when renting an apartment your credit report will probably be reveiwed. The problem with credit repair is that it’s hard to find a respectable company you can trust now a days. I’ve recently discovered that there are over 300 credit repair companies in the tri-county area alone. Now how can you choose who to hire for your credit repair needs? Well I would recomend a few things to look for when researching a company

  1. Look for a Credit Repair Company  that has an actual location you can visit.
  2. Check their if they a real registered company on
  3. Ask about the actual Credit Repair steps they plan to use on your credit file
  4. Check for reveiws online by searching their company name along with the word reveiw on google
  5. Ask for a written guarantee